Personal Introduction by Doug Bradley

(New introduction coming soon!)

Hi. Thanks for dropping by. Come in, hang your coat up, pour yourself a drink, make yourself at home. After all, this is really your website, not mine.

My thanks to Hellboy and the team for getting the site off to such a great start last year, and to all of the great messages you've been leaving. They are read and they are appreciated.

My main criticism of the site so far has been: Where the hell is Doug Bradley? Good question. The answer is: Conspicuous by his absence. That will change. Hellboy and I plan lots of new stuff as the year unfolds.

I intend to get in amongst you, both in the Guestbook and the Forum. A full Filmography is being posted, and I plan to add my own mini reviews with a 5-pin rating.

We also plan to have you leave questions for me in what will become a rolling, archiveable Q&A session, as well as a rolling video interview exclusive to the site. My confirmed appearances so far for 2004 have already been posted: there'll be more to come.

The news page will deal only with firm news. There are lots of potential or actual projects underway or being talked about, but I don't propose to talk about these and until they're definitely happening. Hellboy and I agree with the Golden Rule: the more you talk about these things, the less likely they are to happen. Oh, and don't forget the retail therapy page.

So, welcome.

Doug Bradley, February 2004.

Doug Bradley in his 'Dog Company' days

Doug Bradley signings & appearances:


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