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Interviews with Doug Bradley 

Official German Clive Barker fanclub interview with Doug

Visit the website of That's Clive for a German interview with Doug that was conducted in 1997.
[ Direct link to the interview ]

Interview with Doug by the BBC

The man behind Pinhead's mask in the Hellraiser movies was in Swindon for an in-store signing recently.
[ Listen to the interview ]

Doug Bradley interview by

Doug talks about Deader and Hellworld, the NECA toys and a face off with Halloween's Michael Myers.
[ Read the interview ]

Doug Bradley and fellow Cenobites MP3 interview by

Hear Doug Bradley, Nicholas Vince, Simon Bamford and Barbie Wilde talk about their experiences as cenobites in the first two Hellraiser movies and find out what they are upto nowadays.
[ Listen to the interview ]

Doug Bradley interviewed by

The cute and furry aliens Bubs & Hal interview our beloved Prince of Hell.
[ Watch the interview ]

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Hellraiser related websites 

Anchor Bay Hellraiser 1-3 DVD Box Set

[ Visit the site ]

NECA - Hellraiser Merchandise

[ Visit the site ]

The Hellbound Web - including the Fan Forum

[ Visit the site ]

The Pyramid Gallery - Lament Configuration boxes

[ Visit the site ]

The Puzzle Box Shop - Lament Configuration boxes

[ Visit the site ]

Puzzle Box Maker - Lament Configuration boxes

[ Visit the site ]

Other horror sites 

The Teacher in Red Lines

Doug Bradley signings & appearances:


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